What is facillitation?

Ever sat through a meeting that seems to go nowhere and doesn’t result in action? Do people argue, fail to come to an agreement, and leave feeling undervalued? Do some people dominate, while others don’t get a say, even if they have great ideas?

Sound familiar?

With Co-lmprovement acting as an independent facilitator, we’ll ensure that your team not only delivers results, but also has ownership of the way forward. We do this in a number of ways:

  • Guiding people in the use of improvement techniques
  • Facilitation of improvement teams  for teams using process improvement tools that are not confident yet or having difficulty delivering improvements. Includes Lean events.
  • Training in improvement techniques – tailored training sessions in all the improvement techniques that enable your staff to quickly learn and apply them in the workplace. Training sessions can be customised from one hour for each technique, through to several days of active learning whilst working on improvement projects. We use real issues impacting the business during the training and staff can deliver outcomes as they learn the techniques.
  • Presentations and public speaking

What are the benefits of an independent facilitator?

Often, improvement teams need the services of an independent facilitator to help them be more effective, deliver outcomes, and take ownership of the way forward. By empowering your staff with the skills they need, your organisation will see the benefits immediately.

Let us help you kick start your improvement project and empower your staff with the skills they need to deliver the desired outcomes.

Heather leading a group discussion