Achieving outcomes through business improvement strategies

Co-Improvement – Helping Businesses to Improve

At Co-lmprovement, our focus is doing the analysis that will deliver outcomes for service businesses. We understand that every organisation is different, which is why we tailor our approach to maximise value and minimise costs.

We do this by:

  • Mapping your processes
  • Gathering data and information, allowing you to make informed decisions
  • Engaging with your people (key stakeholders, staff, customers, suppliers, and Council/Board members where appropriate), and bring them along on the improvement journey, making it easier to implement change
  • Ensuring solutions are practical
  • Showing you how you can do more with less, save money, and improving customer service and reducing risk

Working with Co-Improvement, the way forward will make so much sense that your stakeholders won’t just support it, they’ll push for the improvement to happen.

Providing you with clear directions and an implementation plan, we’ll support and guide you every step of the way, meaning you can focus on what you do best. Long after change strategies have been implemented, we’ll continue to monitor your success, because we care about the impact you make.

Are you struggling to find the time improve your business?
Are you under pressure to:

Overcome barriers and resistance to change

Deliver increasing number of projects

Maximise value while minimising costs and resources

Keep operations going and improve services

Manage and reduce risk

If the answer to any of these is yes, then Co-lmprovement can help.

Co-lmprovement provides you with innovative, effective solutions and makes it easier to implement change.

The results speak for themselves.

service reviews and process improvement projects in 15 years


improvement in service for the same amount of funding


for engagement and likelihood of implementation

Do you want to deliver better value for your customers?

Don’t spend all your time doing the analysis, being unsure of the right decisions to make and unable to meet your KPIs. Let Co-Improvement do the hard work for you.

Here’s how we can help.


Use our foolproof Service Review Model

Let us prove that an inefficient service can be turned around.


Achieve sustainable process improvement

Have a clear direction moving forward and an implementation plan that everyone supports.


Schedule a call

Let’s talk through the options for tackling the issues you’re experiencing.



Service Reviews

Our service reviews look at the big picture. We consider services and organisation-wide improvement to enable your business to be more competitive, more relevant to customers and sustainable.

Process Improvement

Reviewing your processes will improve operations on a day-to-day basis. lt will help reduce error and waste, improve consistency, service, culture, efficiency and effectiveness.


An independent facilitator will help a group do their best work together. The facilitator manages group dynamics while participants focus on the topic. A facilitator helps the group reach agreement on the way forward.




Taking a team-centric approach for lasting outcomes and adoption of new ideas – focusing on facilitating and leveraging team involvement throughout business improvement stages, leads to efficient implementation, and definitive outcomes. This also builds a stronger team culture for your business area.


Working with others gives you proven recommendations – benchmarking with other organisations, tapping into specialist expertise of trusted associates and involving your customers, your suppliers and your Board/Council when appropriate. When we make recommendations, it is backed up with evidence and solid business cases.


Develop more sustainable and cost-effective solutions for your teams, environment, customers and community. Together we consider customer value and everyone’s wellbeing.


Committing to finding ‘that’ breakthrough improvement idea – making you more efficient, effective and competitive. The approach allows for lateral shifts in thinking, to explore all options for improvement and prioritise opportunities. An agile approach – within your fixed price contract – we don’t stop until we find ‘that’ breakthrough which results in lasting positive change.



Rural Council

“Heather was wonderful to work with, so positive and supportive. I was going through a tricky time in my role as I had experienced quite a high turnover in my managers role and direction of my team felt wayward. Heather really helped me to identify areas for improvement in my team and to bring them on the journey so they would feel part of it and be accountable to the changes being made. Heather did just that and really helped me in understanding where my obstacles were and how I could overcome them. The aftercare support from Heather has been fantastic and so valuable. If you are seeking a professional who cares about people, then Heather is it. I look forward to working with her again in the future and would highly recommend Heather.”


Local government
“Whilst service reviews can be confronting, they are also an opportunity to address ongoing issues and ensure that community value from available resources is maximised.”


Rural council
“Thank you for today, you have such a wealth of knowledge particularly in ABEF and the Local Government environment”


Large State Government Department
“Thank you Heather. As expected, you delivered high quality analysis and thorough research on our improvement project. The consultation with our staff and the high-quality analysis and recommendations mean that we are highly likely to implement needed changes. Our CEO acknowledged that new ideas were required (not just our initial solutions).”